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So you like Chess, but don't play it because you don't like losing? Or like it conceptually, but find it dry? Or maybe you're too good, and you beat your peers and make them feel bad, and gameplay has become predictable? Or maybe you've suffered a heartbreak and you need to work on your coping mechanisms? Or you're a fan of universal Turing machines, or the medieval church?

Or perhaps you like the idea of a game that involves strategy but whose outcome is ultimately, like our own lives, controlled by a complex web of factors, mostly outside of our control, so we have no choice but to laugh and relinquish our sense of attachment?


Best described as chess with a sprinkling of D&D, Random Coping Chess is the result of bedtime roommate chat being taken much too seriously and much too casually simultaneously. Randy (Our affectionate name for the game) adds components of storytelling and randomness to your average game of chess. You might encounter blizzards, landslides, or outlandish parties at which all your sliding pieces get drunk and their movement is best described as Brownian until they sober up. Assassins, tricksters, and temptresses may appear to thwart your plans. For stories from previous Randy games, check out our blog!

If you play a lot of chess, Randy can freshen the game with it's new spin. If people of two very different skill levels are playing chess, Randy can level the playing field and make the game exciting for all players. If you never liked chess, maybe... just maybe... you'll like RANDOM COPING CHESS!!!

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Isaac Caswell

The Brain

Best described as a finder-of-medieval-rabbits-and-snails, wiggler of a single toe, fan of goats, singer of ragam and ancient chants, bug hunting night heron, roller disco prodigy, son of cousins 26 generations removed, necropants informer, and penny whistling, tongue whistling, and throat whistling nomad, Isaac does not easily lend himself to a best description.

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Trevor! Kalkus


Turtles, skiing, Colorado.

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