Old and Broken Expansion Pack

Old and Broken Expansion Pack

These are the cards that did too much, or too little. They are largely early variants that were removed after play-testing revealed them to cause indescribable chaos. Who can forget that four-hour game as the Swamp and our Ballista Towers (now extinct) entrenched us into a deeply defensive war? Or the early games when A House Divided made the only way to take a piece to teleport another piece onto it, and push it into the ether? These were experiences that everyone must have growing up, but not that we would inflict on the unsuspecting.


--Or when we’d draw Obnoxious Teenage Son of Jörmungandr and quickly pretend we hadn’t? This one needs some work, incidentally: please experiment with your favorite versions of an autonomous world-snake.


Mind you, some of the cards in the current core deck, like Έρεβος and Rabbit, ought by all means to be in this extension pack. But we can’t unfairly deprive our unsuspecting customers of all the game-ending chaos they deserve!




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